New Regency Paint and Primer In One – Coming Soon

Sun Wallpaper and Paint is pleased to announce the introduction of Regency Paint and Primer In One Paint.  Devoe Paint has combined their finest quality latex paint with a paint + primer formulation for a time saving solution.  On top of this great news, Regency Interior Paint will be a new no-VOC acrylic formula containing Zero VOC’s!

The new Regency Paint + Primer In One is the ideal paint solution for many paint projects and renovations, specifically formulated to provide excellent coverage and easy application.

Regency Paint + Primer Interior Paint provides the following benefits:

  • No VOC Acrylic Formula to minimize environmental Impact
  • Provides a stain, mold & mildew resistant coating
  • Enhanced washability and scrubbability
  • Quick dry and recoat times
  • Virtually NO odor during application

Regency Paint + Primer Exterior Paint provides the following benefits:

  • Resistant to cracking, peeling and color fading
  • Moisture resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Provides mildew resistant coating
  • Low Odor

Please call our Poughkeepsie location for more information on Regency Paint + Primer In One by Devoe Paint.


Stark Paint: 240 Rich and Sophisticated Paint Colors

STARK, the renowned to-the-trade source for carpets, fabrics, furniture and wallcoverings, collaborated with the London based color specialist and designer, David Oliver. The result is an extensive and contemporary designer palette that spans the color spectrum with 240 new, rich and sophisticated paint options. Stark’s new paint line is not only environmentally minded but also chic and tastefully elegant.

STARK PAINT is water-based with zero VOC’s and guarantees premium coverage. Meeting LEEDS standards and made in the USA, our paint provides first-rate performance. All colors are available in six paint finishes: Velvet Emulsion, Porcelain Shell, and Lacquer Gloss for interiors and Flat Exterior, Semi Gloss Interior/Exterior and High Gloss Interior/Exterior.

Available exclusively at Sun Wallpaper & Paint’s Poughkeepsie location, please call or visit and ask for details!

Rich, Sohisticated Paint Color Options by Stark Paint.

Fine Paints of Europe – Luxurious, Long Lasting Paint

Available At Our Poughkeepsie Location

If you are looking for luxurious colors and beautiful finish, then Fine Paints of Europe is the right choice for your next renovation or decorating project.

Fine Paints of Europe are formulated using only the highest quality oils and resins and finely ground pigments.  This results in a finish that is long lasting and best of all is beautiful to look at.  Fine Paints of Europe offer Eurolux Paints and Primers and the ECO line of Paints and Primers that are environmentally friendly and offer compliance with LEED EQ credit 4.2: Low-emitting materials.

The results are beautiful when you use Fine Paints of Europe.  Sun Wallpaper & Paint carries a huge selection of Fine Paints of Europe finishes in our Poughkeepsie location.

Please pop in for a visit and ask about Fine Paints of Europe.

Walls: TW8 Champagne in Eurolux Matte. Cabinets & Trim: 0001 White in Hollandlac Satin

Walls: E15-60 in Eurolux Matte. Trim: 0001 White, Hollandlac Brilliant

Elements by California Paints : ZERO VOC Paint

Zero VOC Paint : Elements by California Paints

We are often asked about Environmentally Friendly, or Zero VOC Paint options. 

One of the products we recommend is Flawless Elements by California Paints.

Flawless ELEMENTS™ Zero VOC is an environmentally preferred, premium quality, 100% acrylic interior paint that provides flawless application and exceptional durability with essentially no odor during and after painting. Rooms and offices painted with Flawless ELEMENTS Zero VOC can be occupied right away without a compromise to healthy indoor air quality.  With Microban® Antimicrobial protection, Flawless ELEMENTS provides an added level of mildew resistance not found in other Zero VOC paints. Flawless ELEMENTS Zero VOC finishes is LEED compliant.

Available in Primer, Ceiling White, Flat, Eggshell, Pearl & Semi-Gloss Finishes.

Visit one of Sun Wallpaper & Paints showrooms to learn more about Elements Zero VOC Paint.